Préparé(e)s par Nouhaila Elharchy
Sara Habib Chorfa
Zineb Amine
Youssef Hajjouji
Sous la direction de Mr. Sardaoui Abdellah
Mme. Moukhli Zaynab
Filières LMCA
Forme vidéo
Durée 03 min 29 s
Language Anglais
Pitch Aurora a 16 years old girl living in her own world and spending most of her time alone in room.
Synopsis Aurora a 16 years old teenager,she has a Solar Urticaria which means she’s allergic to the sun, due to her disease she can’t go out side and she spent most of her time at home,she saw on the news that there’s a lockdown all over the world due to the Coronavirus, and she decided to make a video to share her story.